Math Fundamentals, Grade 1


Comprehensive but not complicated!  Math Fundamentals helps your first graders navigate the new math.  Math Models and “think” questions, plenty of skill practice, and real-world problems guide students in analyzing and solving problems.  224 reproducible pages.


The math models and problem-solving templates in this book will guide your students through successfully analyzing and solving grade-level math problems.  The math problems are also helpful to parents.

Each unit focuses on a cluster of the standards, so it’s easy to target your instruction.  The mathematical practices and standards are included for each unit for easy reference.

Math Fundamentals, Grade 1 is a comprehensive resource that can be used:

  • As a core math curriculum to teach grade-level skills and strategies for solving problems
  • To review math skills and provide additional practice
  • To remediate and target instruction for struggling students

224 reproducible pages.