GeoStix Deluxe Set


Set includes 100 flexible GeoStix in 10 sizes, including quarter and half-circle pieces, 2 protractors, and 16 double-sided activity cards. Grades 3+.

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Students explore plane geometry as they build polygons of various shapes and sizes. The included protractors allow students to snap the GeoStix for exploration of angles and more. A set of 10 different length flexible sticks that snap together at different points, which allow students to investigate planar geometry. The set includes 100 flexible plastic sticks and 2 protractors, measuring 4″ each. An ideal hands-on manipulative for students to explore geometric concepts. GeoStix sizes range from 2.5cm to 15cm and includes 90° R7.07cm and 180° R7.07cm pieces. Packaged with 16 double-sided activity cards in a plastic storage container.


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