F.U.N. Number Line grades K-1


Includes two 6″ x 40″ double-sided write-on/wipe-off number line sections, 6 suction cups, 26 binder clips, 150 blue links, 25 blank write-on/wipe-off cards, and user guide. Grades K-1.

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This set of 240 cards for grades K-1 allows you to add cards to your F.U.N. Empty Number Line System (sold separately). Demonstrates that the magnitude of the numbers increases as a student is ‘counting up’ and decreases when ‘counting down.’ Additionally, decomposing numbers into pairs can be displayed, and comparing one digit or two digit numbers can be modeled. The number line can be used to quickly identify ’10 more’ or ’10 less,’ as well as many other concepts.


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