Building Math Fluency Grade 3


This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key to help students learn computation strategies with ease, speed, and accuracy.  160 total pages.


Building Math Fluency reviews addition and subtraction strategies, and presents multiplication and division strategies that help students approach computation in logical, strategic, and successful ways.  Transparencies, teacher overview pages, student practice pages, flash cards, and assessment record charts provide all the tools you need for easily presenting each strategy.

Grade 3 introduces new strategies such as:  Times 2 is double the number, times 3 is double the number and one more set, times 4 is times 2 + times 2, times 5 is half of times 10, see times nine & think times ten minus times 1, a number divided by two is half the number, and think multiplication to solve division problems.


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